The Western Sydney Writers’ Group is an ensemble of emerging and established writers and artists who meet fortnightly to develop new critical and creative writing for publication and performance outcomes. These fortnightly workshops are held at I.C.E, Parramatta. If you would like to become a Sweatshop Writer contact SWEATSHOP.



Funded by Create NSW, the Western Sydney Literary Initiative for Diverse Women is a new writers’ collective run by Sweatshop manager, Winnie Dunn, which exclusively mentors women writers from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The collective meets once a month at I.C.E, Parramatta and a special guest author attends each workshop. Guest authors for 2018 will include Ellen van Neerven, Sarah Ayoub, Julie Koh and Randa Abdel-Fattah.

Workshops are open to all women from Indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds. Contact us for more information.



In 2017, Sweatshop in partnership with WestWords and Writing and Society established a literary exchange program called Deadly and Hectic which opened a dialogue between writers from Indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds.

The Deadly and Hectic program is run by Michael Mohammed Ahmad and Ellen van Neerven and involves Indigenous writers and second-generation migrant-Australian writers participating in masterclasses to develop new works of short fiction, exchange ideas and discuss complex issues impacting Indigenous and culturally diverse communities in contemporary Australian literature. The outcome of this exchange will be the first-ever Deadly and Hectic anthology which will be published and launched by Sweatshop in 2018. Deadly and Hectic is funded by Create NSW Strategic Initiatives. Contact us for more information.



Sweatshop utilises its diverse and skilled collective to facilitate creative writing and critical thinking workshops across Western Sydney. Workshops assist students to critically engage in a diverse range of texts and enables them to develop their creative and academic writing and communication skills. Workshops also result in a range of outcomes such as publications, literary videos, performances and readings. Contact us if you would like Sweatshop to run a workshop or residency for your school or organisation.


Sweatshop publications aim to build the profile of Western Sydney writers and artists and to produce new Australian literature that represents the unique diversity and culture of Western Sydney. These are produced independently or in partnership with other publishers and organisations. Sweatshop offers many publications that are free and available to read online, and some that are available for purchase. You can check out a list of all our publications, read free books and samples, and even access free education kits here.



Sweatshop produces performances and public readings as part of its annual program. This is to further showcase the work of Western Sydney writers whilst also supporting and encouraging the exploration of writers’ specific oral and written traditions. Our productions are often presented as part of writers’ festivals and youth festivals. You can keep updated on all upcoming productions by following us on Facebook and Twitter.



Sweatshop also facilitates a series of special projects each year to promote Western Sydney literature, engage new ideas and audiences and consider the cultural structures in Australian arts and literature. These initiatives include panel discussions, research seminars, book launches, writing competitions and documentaries that are lead by Western Sydney artists but also engage other communities.